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Private Sites

fetish couple, many pictures

Lovely sides of a Latex- Crossdresser


Very good site!

Many nice pictures of different women (German)

Crossdresser, very informative, with Paysite

Crossdresser, Corset, High Heels, Ballet, Bondage... very good and extensive site

Extensive site of a well known and brilliant bondage- and latex- enthusiasts.

Nice, but very confuesed site

Many pictures and stories about gag (German)


Fetish- couple from Austria, many nice pictures

Ponygirls (French)

Very good American bondage site

latex and diving

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Communities, Magazine, Info- Sites

Community of different fetishists (German)

Platform for Transgender, their relatives and friends (German)

LatexWiki - the free latex fetish encyclopedia

BDSM- Magazine

Network for Transgender and Partners (German)

S/M- Magazine

Interesting Transgender- Site

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Informative German site

Informative site, daily updates

Informative site of a corset- wearer

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Photographer, Artists

Very good photos and interesting videos

Sites of the comic- author Greco

Sites of the Fetish- Photographer Peter Felix Kurtz

Sites of the SM- und Fetisch- Artist Woschofius


Visit this site!

Masks, clothing and much more...

BDSM- Onlineshop

Fantasic leather clothes

High Heels, Ballet

Catsuit WITHOUT zip!

Female latex masks

Latex, Videos, and more...

Big offer (Latex, Leather and more)

My favourite shoe- shop.

Fetish Boutique in Düsseldorf (Germany)


Fetish shop + online- shop, made-to-measure clothing

German Fetish and Online- Shop

Magazine, Video, Latex- Fashion and more

Corset shop in Düsseldorf (Germany)


Silicon oil (I recommend: Typ M 100)

Exquisite coat fashion

Very special shoes

Very good latex masks and more


A very personal store for silicone breast forms, push up panties and much more.

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Other Interesting Sites, Activities

German - English, Paysite

Fetish Diva Nadja

The place where the girls not undress their clothes but wear many layers of slippery latex or crackling nylon over each other!

Mistress Eve
Latex- Maid, Paysite
Linda The Leather Shemale
French Mistress
Very good paysite
Interesting paysite


TV- Rubber Domina

Ingenious transformation into a latex doll, paysite

Transgender, nice paysite

free site / Hier werden aus Männern devote Frauen gemacht.