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Private Sites

Lovely sides of a Latex- Crossdresser

Many nice pictures of different women (German)

Crossdresser, very informative, with Paysite

Crossdresser, Corset, High Heels, Ballet, Bondage... very good and extensive site

Nice, but very confuesed site

Many pictures and stories about gag (German)


Ponygirls (French)

Very good American bondage site

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Communities, Magazine, Info- Sites

Platform for Transgender, their relatives and friends (German)

LatexWiki - the free latex fetish encyclopedia

BDSM- Magazine

Network for Transgender and Partners (German)

S/M- Magazine

Interesting Transgender- Site

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Informative German site

Informative site, daily updates

Informative site of a corset- wearer

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Photographer, Artists

Very good photos and interesting videos

Sites of the Fetish- Photographer Peter Felix Kurtz

Sites of the SM- und Fetisch- Artist Woschofius


Visit this site!

Masks, clothing and much more...

BDSM- Onlineshop

Fantasic leather clothes

Catsuit WITHOUT zip!

Female latex masks

Big offer (Latex, Leather and more)

My favourite shoe- shop.

Fetish Boutique in Düsseldorf (Germany)


Fetish shop + online- shop, made-to-measure clothing

German Fetish and Online- Shop

Magazine, Video, Latex- Fashion and more

Corset shop in Düsseldorf (Germany)


Silicon oil (I recommend: Typ M 100)

Exquisite coat fashion

Very good latex masks and more


A very personal store for silicone breast forms, push up panties and much more.

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Other Interesting Sites, Activities

German - English, Paysite

Fetish Diva Nadja

The place where the girls not undress their clothes but wear many layers of slippery latex or crackling nylon over each other!

Mistress Eve
Linda The Leather Shemale
French Mistress
Interesting paysite


Ingenious transformation into a latex doll, paysite

Transgender, nice paysite

free site