Oooops! Where are the stories?

Please allow me a comment:
This site was initially only a German site.
At the beginning there were only pictures seeing. Then followed the first photo story with a short text.
Because I am a 'bookworm', I searched in Internet for other stories.
Unfortunately there were not many German-speaking stories. And there were nearly none corset stories.
Then I saw the site of Staylace. I was enthusiastic. I asked immediately for being allowed to translate those stories into the German language. Rubber-, TV-, SM- stories followed...
In the meantime you can find on the German version of my site about 620 stories. 65 stories are from me, and I will write even further more. Everyone who can read and (very important) understand English texts; has a gigantic selection of good stories.
Now follows a short, not representative, selection of my favourites sites:

Gromet's Plaza  Gagged Utopia's
Wicz (Comics)  Crystal's Story Site