(ladies') afternoon coffee party

When the first meetings took place, I was overwhelmed of the positive reminiscence. Seemingly there were not any appropriate parties for latex ladies. The guests could change very loosely into the role of a woman, of course dressed in latex, and amuse themselves with like-minded persons. For a few hours the ladies forgot their loneliness and all problems. We exchanged our experiences. So we found out where we could buy beautiful clothing, or who had met other people at different parties.

Somehow the cliche of an intimate and stimulating 'ladies' afternoon coffee party fitted.

With the time some latex ladies became more courageous and some ladies visited professional events. New latex ladies came to us, other ones searched for new purviews to themselves. Sometime also the wish came to try out in addition exciting games. There the afternoon coffee party, formed by me, booted onto its boundaries. My apartment was not the suitable place for these special wishes. It occurred always often that some visitors cancelled an invitation or did not simply appear.

I think that this is a normal trend, because every event becomes boring with the time if nothing new is offered. Finally there are also other good events now.

In Germany there is an idiom:
"If it is most beautiful, one should stop."

I would like to thank once again all the visitors, because YOU made it so unique and marvellous.