Welcome !   

I want to show you, that the transformation into a
'Latex Lady'
can be very interesting.
I hope you like my sites. Perhaps gets the one or other of you a 'stimulation' and changes also with joy into a
'Latex Lady' or a 'Latex Girl'.


January, 12, 2019

The new year can start with a game. So the title of the strong German- Bondage- Story is: 'Das Würfelspiel'.

December, 31, 2018

It's time to say "Thank You".
Thanks for your faithfulness, your mails which spurring me and your active assistance. This year goes a very special thanks to TM for his "never- ending" story.
It was a turbulent year with many heights and depths. This means also the latex- hostile weather with the hottest and longest summer ever. One just must take it like it is, because nothing gets bad, but only different. Let us try to make the best of it.
So I wish you a Happy New Year. Stays healthy and enjoys all what makes you happy.
Your Jannette

December, 22, 2018

I wish you, your families and friends a Merry Christmas.
Enjoys these holidays in or with what ever you like.

A little present: It's a German- BDSM- Short- Story for the friends of crossword- puzzles, or so...

December, 01, 2018

Part 61 of the 'never- ending' story 'Mode vergangener Zeiten- Ein wahrer (Alp)Traum'.

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