My first self-bondage   

Ingrid visited me at Saturday, and we drank a cup of coffee. When she, I wore already wonderful latex clothing, tied up my neck corset, I got an idea...

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I wanted to do already since long time a bondage- sessiongame once again.

This time it should be a very special pleasure. I wanted to lock my bondage equipment, because I did not wanted to get free so fast. Therefore I needed a small preparation: The keys had to be safeguarded ! An ice block seemed to be the right thing. In the kitchen I found quickly the perfect ingredients. A short metal pipe guaranteed that the keys were exactly in the middle of the water. After the metal bowl stood in the freezer, we enjoyed an afternoon coffee party and spent a pleasant Saturday.

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Eight o'clock ! My adventure could begin. Curiously I took the bowl out of the upright freezer. A big ice block ! First objections arose. I suspected that it would long last until I got the keys. So I let time to me while clothing, and I attracted first some special urine- slip and then the catsuit.

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Then I locked my boots (the heels are 6 inch high) and closed the super narrow hobble-skirt. My step range had been limited suddenly badly. What a horny feeling ! Then the corset, the white latex mask and gloves. I squeezed with relish my silicone breasts, fingered the latex- skin, and tripped then to the kitchen, because I wanted to have breakfast.
Meanwhile it was already 9 o'clock.

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My suspicion seemed to confirm. The ice was as good as not melted. After the breakfast it was time to tie myself.

A note: It is an illusion to make good fotos when you are tied. Please, excuse me, because some fotos are not very good.

First I combined the foot fetters with a long chain. Then I put a leather belt round my waist, so that I could not open the corset anymore. A steel collar and steel cuffs completed the basic version. Then I combined everything with chains and opened padlocks. With each "click" I became more and more horny. The rattling of the chains and the click-noises of the padlocks were music in my ears and a beautiful stimulation. Could it be a more beautiful sunday- morning? I do not think so ! My pounding penis pressed against the hobble-skirt, but he did not have any chance to grow up.

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In the exuberance of the feelings I had shortened my hobble- chain between the ankles a little bit more. Longer tripping-steps than four inches were not anymore possible! The chains rattled during I went with many, many short steps through the apartment. That was more difficult than I had thought. I did have to pay attention not to stumbling, because the wrist- bondage was very refined. When I moved one hand away from my body, the other hand was moved automatically onto my body. I had luck that it was not too warm, else the sweat would run under my latex skin. Hard breathing, because of the tight corset, I sat down at the PC and read the newest E-Mails of the day. Again and again I took the long and strainful way to the kitchen, in order to observe the ice block.

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Still I was glad if I saw the ice block, because that meant that I was caught still long in my bondage. The unexpected one happened during the almost infinitely long ways between the kitchen and the PC ! The continuous pleasant irritations were simple too much for me. I had to stand, because the first orgasm of the day shook me !

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Heavy trembling I stood completely helpless in the room and moaned my pleasurable sensations out. After some minutes I tripped in a still very wobbly way the last steps to the chair and sunk exhaust, but very happy, down.

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The bondage session was a great success, because I did not have any control of the period. It had not been, however, not only very hard, but also doubts arose. Should the ice block be too big? How long would I have still wear my bondage outfit? I lay down on the couch in order to relax a little. Hardly I lay, all doubts were passed. The tight rubber glided about my wet skin. The chains reminded me continuously of my not still being able to free. Gently I rubbed my penis hidden under the latex catsuit. After a further orgasm I fell asleep.
At 16 o'clock I became awake and got up with effort. With innumerable short steps I tripped to the kitchen in order to drink something there. My look onto the bowl let my heart jump higher.

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Still an hour lasted, until my bondage adventure after 9 hours went to a happy end.
That was a wonderful Sunday ! Jannette

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