Fetish Evolution Ball 2006   

Afternoon coffee party? Not real!
'Annual works outing'? That applies a little bit better.

Natalie had persuaded me to go with her to the Fetish- Ball. This mega party was in the disco 'mudiaArt'. And I must say:
"It was super!" Read our reports:

The 'Fetish Evolution 2006' surprised me pleasantly, everything was right in fact!
The location was thrilling. The former factory building has a good atmosphere. There were several rooms, basements, DJs, 'game- corners'; and silent areas to cool down. There were also enough seats to rest.
The visitors are the most important at a Party of course, and also there I was surprised very pleasantly. There were many women in noble outfits, also some TVs, men in latex- catsuits or other latex- outfits. Men in black T-shirt and black leather jeans were not seen! I was inspired. A woman with a black PVC- skirt or top did not strike anymore. The most people showed themselves to the public in very beautiful outfits.
The drink- prices began at 3,- EURO for a mineral water, well, neither cheap nor too expensive. The music was different and okay, "electronic" music between Trance and Techno. The shows did not inspire me so, that is not against the shows meant, but for me the public was already the show! The entry was not just low (Euro 45.-), but I have, however, an understanding for the high costs and so it is presumably going all right. My online order worked out very simply. I transferred the amount and could fetch the card on site with identity card. The single one "Negative" what struck to me, that is little was played and that also to late hour not ...


Easter Sunday, Natalie arrived at my home. We 'blethered' the whole afternoon. After 20 o'clock we became hectic, because we had to change our 'gender'. Well, not real. Natalie did make up and put a wig on. Meanwhile I put on my red latex catsuit and stuffed my 'breasts' into the bra. And about this I put on normal clothes. The other clothes and the high heels were stowed in big bags.
With glad expectation we drove off. By 22 o'clock we arrived at the place of our expectations and hopes. After having passed the severe control, we changed ourselves in the in fact small and dark dressing rooms.

An idiom reads as follows:
"One has to suffer to be beautiful."

Against expecting was the noble- disco mudiaArt heated very well! It became too warm even to Natalie although she wore only an unrestricted outfit. Me however the sweat ran down under my whole suit. Nevertheless that all could not deter us, because it was ' mega- horny', a true feast for the eyes, a super experience! We had our fun! With astonished looks we went through the halls and admired the public which was dressed in fact wonderfully and in a very sexy way. Also we were looked at recognizing. Everyone who had in the scene 'rank and name', was represented. Because it was forbidden to photograph, we made a few pictures rapidly from ourselves in one of the inner courts.


The music was good, however with the time it became too loud to us, so that we went after two hours to an another hall, where it was calmer. There stood an interesting SM- equiptments for everyone to use.
That was used later in the night by some visitors without restriction. There I had to remove my white latex mask so that I stopped sweating at last. After a hour I put it on again, because at this evening I was a 'latex lady'. Then we went back to the main hall in order not to miss the shows.

Enthusiastic I took note, that I was not the only 'masculine' latex lady! In fact I can not describe on this side all the beautifully and imaginatively dressed guests. You must have seen it with your own eyes!

Sometime, nearly at 3 o'clock in the morning, my feet began to hurt and we went onto the way home. We would have stayed with pleasure still one or two hours longer there! A lot of thanks to Natalie for her sense. And now I have a question: "How would it be, if we visited the next Fetish- Ball with several latex ladies?"